The Vision and Mission of the Institution



        Empowerment of women through   imparting holistic education to make them responsible citizens for a better society.



        To impart knowledge to women in order to strengthen their status in the society.

        To improve the process of teaching and learning, at the same time making young girls aware about the new parameters of multifaceted improvements in the sphere of women education.

        To make women self-reliant and to build leadership qualities in them so that they become capable of recognizing their worth.

        To ensure women participation in all creative activities.

        To inculcate basic human virtues in them like truthfulness, responsibility towards society, self confidence, courage, generosity and compassion.

        To offer opportunity to women for learning and research so that they are able to contribute to the welfare of the society.

        To make youth well skilled by polishing their talent so that they can compete in the professional and industrial social scenario.

        To provide an environment that would help them understand the true essence of patriotism so that they can work towards national interests.

        To make them self sufficient so that they can work for the development of society in general and the world at large.